What’s the Total Cost for Buying and Installing an Aboveground Pool?


An above ground pool can be installed pretty easily without seeking help from the experts. The process is quite time consuming but if one has all the equipment and right tools, they can do it by themselves. But then again, one can call a professional for the installation of the pool just to make sure that everything is perfect and their pool will last longer.
Above ground pools are available in different varieties of shape, size and etc. and so their cost also varies accordingly.
People mostly go for the 19’ in diameter above ground pool that costs at $13 per square foot. Now obviously if you add other features with the pool, this cost can go up to around $30 dollars per square foot. The features basically include vinyl covers, fence, material and labor cost.
The line cost of typical above ground swimming pool bought at $13 per square foot will be $3700 and the one bought at $30 per square foot will cost you around $8400.
The installation of the pool provides all the equipment, labor, transport, pool related material and a stylish finish to your backyard above ground swimming pool. The whole filter system and pumping is also included in this installation package.
Extra considerations and charges
– The above ground pools are mostly limited to circular, oval and rectangle shapes only.
– The oval shaped pools are comparatively cheap.


– Taxes and other fees should be kept in mind as well.
– Design of liners, filter system, pumps and thickness of the pool are a couple of things you need to consider as they can affect the price.
– The preparation of the ground for the pool that includes cleaning, getting rid of trees and bushes, clearing the land and etc. can cost around 1 to 1.5 dollars per square foot.
– You need to get an approval from the local legal consultants.
– In some states and countries, fences are a must and their height varies from state to state, some rules say that it should be at least 4.5’ to 5’. Child proof latches are perfect as safety rules should be followed as well.
– There are different options available for the fencing of the pools. There are removable fences available as well but that requires a robust pool cover too. And when you add a feature, it increases the cost.
– There are other accessories you need to buy as well that include the cleaning tools. There are different brushes, vacuum systems (automatic and manual), covers and the necessary chemicals like chlorine to keep the pool water clean. All these tools and items can cost from $300 to a couple of thousand dollars.
– People usually buy pool heaters as well which work very efficiently and give awesome swimming experiences even in the colder months.
– Chemicals are a must have for the pool owners, weather it is an above ground one or the in-ground one. Usually people need to spend around $70 to $90 a month on chemicals that include, chlorine, testing equipment and etc.

Things that make good lining for an above ground pool


Above ground pool liners are made through different manufacturing techniques. The best type are the ones which are manufactured after taking the measurements of your pool. There are companies which would brag about how fast they can make a liner for your pool but do not believe in all that as it is not possible for anyone to manufacture your pool liner just in one night. If someone does come up with a liner in just one night then there is a very strong possibility that they had that liner sitting on their shelves for a long time and you were just the Unlucky One who needed it and they got lucky. Usually pool liners are made by vinyl that is durable and keeps everything compact with in the pool. There are two types of vinyl that you can get one is the virgin type and the second one is the recycle type. For those who are in love with planet Earth they would go for the Recycled one but others may go for the virgin one. The first one is obviously better than the second one as it is made up of thicker sheet. That sheet can resist cracks and other stretching problems.

There are seams which are used to hold the shape of the liner. Above ground pool brands make different types of seams and above ground pools have welded seams which are about three and a half inch thick. They can be considered as the best ones in the market right now. Usually pool liners have two to three layers of seams. Due to those multiple layers of seams, pool liners have the specific shape which makes it look like an oval.

Pool liners are manufactured in facilities that are environmentally controlled and have no impurities. Which is why they can deal with harsh climate changes and sunlight. The Precision is what leads to better quality and of course good quality cannot be achieved easily.

There’s another thing that we have observed about vinyl is that there are further two types of vinyl on the basis of regularity in their thickness. These types are Embossed and non-embossed. They’re both vary in their thickness which is why embossed vinyl leads us to a product that is substandard and may rip or fail prematurely.  The non-embossed vinyl is relatively better and reliable which is why if you’re thinking long term then go for non-embossed.

Another very important point is that there are two types of choices you will have while choosing thickness of your liner. There will be a ‘Mil’ option and then there will be a gauge choice. There is a large difference in both of these which is why some people make a mistake when they choose their pool lining. Normal ground pool is around 15-16 Mill which is approximately 0.0016-inch at the same time there are some advertisements that tell us that they have 20 to 25 mil which means that the thickness is 0.0025 inch. They higher the mil or the gauge of your product the higher will be its reliability. So take care of these things because you do not want to invest in something that you would not like.

5 Places To Look For A Mattress Review

5 Places To Look For A Mattress Review

Shopping online has definitely become an important part of our everyday lives. This is not surprising considering how convenient it is compared to shopping in department stores. You get to compare prices in an instant, and you can also find online many products that aren’t available in the shops.

But of course, you still need to be cautious when shopping online because unfortunately, not everything you see in the Internet is true. If you are to buy a new mattress online, the first thing you should do is determine the 5 places to look for a mattress review.

site for mattress review
To make sure you’ll end up with a reputable brand of mattress, check out these 5 places to look for a mattress review:


In this mattress review website, you will find reviews which are experiential and not just praiseworthy. They actually test mattresses first before giving out reviews about them. As a result, the review you’re going to read won’t just focus on the good features of different mattress brands. They also point out the shortcomings of different mattresses. This site mainly focused on the best mattress for side sleepers.


What you’ll like about ConsumerSearch is how they make their content precise and objective. Upon reading their mattress reviews, you’ll realize that their editors are in no way influenced by advertising or other commercial considerations.

For the mattress category, ConsumerSearch offers the following information:
• Best Reviewed – a selection of the top-rated products based on user and expert reviews.
• Full Report – an analysis of who the mattress experts are and what they say.


Sleep Like the Dead actually receives no compensation of any form coming from any organization, individual, or company that can affect the content of their website. On this site, you will find at least 10 categories of sleep-related products, including mattresses, which are then given comprehensive and up-to-date ratings.

What I like about this mattress review site is that their product ratings can be independently verified by anyone who wants to do so! This only proves the truthfulness of their findings and ratings.


When I first came across this mattress review site, I noticed that there aren’t many bad products included in their list. But I didn’t think of this as a disadvantage because it just proves how serious the editor or editors are about providing only the best reviews for those brands of mattresses that deserve them. If you come to think of it, there’s really no point in giving bad products more exposure!



Good Housekeeping has always been one of my favorite websites to visit when looking for product reviews. Their reviews come with clear and bold photos, clean templates, and highly organized content! Their mattress reviews also come from real-life experts who know what they are talking about. As a consumer, getting advice from industry experts can give you the confidence that your decision will benefit you in so many ways.

There you have it, the 5 places to look for a mattress review! By finding the right and reliable source of information online, there’s no way you’ll make a wrong decision when buying your new mattress!